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You can keep an eye on the fireworks symbol in the game as it acts as a wild card in Fortune 88. This icon has no specific value, but can replace any other symbol, just to give you an extra chance of getting a cash reward.

Red paper lanterns are scattered and reward up to 20 free spins instead of cash prizes. You don't have to worry about the payline here, and finding 3 or more paylines anywhere on the screen is enough. Finally, the dice symbol combination will launch a simple bonus game. Get extra bonuses by adding as many dice as you want to instantly add to your credit total, no problem.

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The goal of baccarat is to be as close as possible to 9, of which 9 is the highest card. Dealers, also known as casino administrators, initially only face two hands for the player and the bank, and in some cases require the table manager to process the third card. This has nothing to do with the number of players at a time, and can have up to 14 players.

The player bets the banker or player to reach the total number closest to 9 or draw. You only need to decide how you want to bet and how much you want to put. The natural 8 o'clock is called Le Petit, and the 9 o'clock nature is called le grande. If one of these totals is obtained with the first two cards, then le petit or le grande wins, the hand stands up and the round is over. With a card of the same value, there is a draw and the game is over.

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You will use 5 reels and up to 30 paylines, which you can adjust using the toggle button at the bottom of the screen. You can use as few paylines as you want, and you can adjust the numbers frequently without penalty. In addition to the payline, you can increase the amount of each coin from 0.01 to 1.00 and provide up to 10 coins per line.

The total bet is calculated by multiplying the value of the coin by the number of coins per line and then multiplying by the number of valid paylines selected. But don't worry that you don't need to solve this problem for yourself, because there is a box that shows your total bet. If you want to take risks, the gambling function may be of interest to you. It is only available when you win, and you can choose to gamble instead of collecting it. You will play a simple guessing game where you can take a higher bonus. But if you fail, you will give up everything you gamble.

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If you play video slots often, you already know that they usually have a lot of features. Mythical online slot machines are no exception. As usual, the Wild symbol replaces all symbols except the Scatter symbol. The last one triggers the Free Spins Round, which includes 15 Free Spins and 3X Multiplier. You can win up to 60 free spins in this round. Scatter wins is multiplied by the defined total bet and then added to the win meter. All other wins are multiplied by each line bet. As you know, each selected line can only win the highest victory.

The composition of the game is as good as most Play'n Go casino slot machines. The music accompanying the game is so risky that sometimes you find yourself in the center of the battlefield. The symbols on the reels will only enhance your imagination. They are mythological creatures, some of which have different types of armor. The game screen itself is an ancient Greek palace with a stone monument at the top. The smallest animation makes the atmosphere a bit mysterious.

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Bet with your favourite animal and the animal you trust sure can win you a huge bonus jackpot!

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If you pursue a potential victory and think about whether it is worth playing, it is not just a game for children. Alibaba offers an extended wildness, and when you trigger those with free spin symbols on reels 1, 3 and 5, it also stays on the first reel during the free spin. At the beginning of this "open sesame" free spin bonus round, you have one of three treasure chests because there are three different free spin modes with different multipliers and higher or lower risk. The Jar symbol appearing on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th reels will invite you to participate in the "Gold or Robber" bonus round, the golden vase holds a valuable victory or... Monkey, and of course the robber hides in a certain At the end, the bonus round ends.

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If you like the ocean and all the creatures that inhabit the sea, you will love the Aqua Cash game. Great slot!