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1 1 1 1 1 Rating 5.00 (469488 Votes)

Start to seek sacred wealth and play this all-powerful classic slot machine. With an epic jackpot and 95.98% RTP, Age of the Gods is an impressive game based on Greek mythology. Anthea, Zeus, Poseidon and Hercules all have their own iconic free-to-play features, with games such as Multipliers and Wilds helping to create even greater victories. There is also the Pantheon of Power On Reels feature. With this, the five Greek gods unite to give you a cash reward. But what if you are looking for a real life-changing expense? Keep an eye on the ultimate power award when you play!

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Spring of Youth is a classic video slot with 3 reels and 3 paylines. Playtech dedicated this to youth and water, creating themed payment symbols such as butterflies, water lilies, birds, and of course the highest paid one - the fountain. Players can use the + and - buttons to select the preferred coin value before each rotation, or select the number of coins 1, 2 or 3 by clicking the Bet One or Bet Max buttons. This means that bets can start from £0.03 and eventually reach £15, a fairly small range, but keep in mind that any combination of 3 symbols is also paid.

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The combination of cards is decentralized. It makes a total bet of 3, 10 or 50. The dice symbol appears only on the first, third and fifth reels. If it appears on these reels at the same time, the reward wheel starts. In this round, the player will have to roll the dice. For each throw, the player multiplies the current total bet by the number on the dice to get the payment. If the sum on the dice is 2 or more in this round, the bet will be multiplied by 20 (twice) or 200 (three times). If the prize combination appears 4 to 9 times in the main game, the player will get 5 to 60 free spins with a multiplier of x2 and additional wild symbols may appear.

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The great blue is my slot. This is the first game I added to Free Slots 24/7 inventory because it is my favorite game. But there is a warning: it has become a cult game, but it is extremely unstable. Only Playtech's Iron Man 2 slot can approach Great Blue in terms of volatility, so if you really put it in the real place, please respect it.

The reason why the Great Blue slot has become a fanatic is because of the high multiplier potential in free spins and the fact that it superimposes wild on all reels. Free games (2x, 7x, 10x or 15x) get 15x multipliers and you get 8 to 33 free spins. The higher the multiplier, the less the rotation usually, but the minimum you get is 8, which is rare. If you only get 2 times the multiplier, it is usually 15 - 23, using 7x or 10 multipliers, 25 - 33. In addition, they can be retriggered.

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From an aesthetic point of view, the "God's Age: The Destiny Sisters" is gorgeously decorated, as you would expect from a game with a sacred name. Of course, the goddess is the protagonist, and the gold-plated scroll is the perfect complement to the oversized special symbols and paradise background.

In the world of slot machines, sitting and looking beautiful is not much. Fortunately, you can achieve this by setting the five reels and 25 paylines to 0.01 per line. In practice, this means that the minimum rotation will cost you 0.25 or, depending on your funding, worth up to 2,500.

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There are many amazing surprises in the game. First of all, these are the payment amounts. Thanks to the red truck symbol, you can get a fixed jackpot of 10,000 bets, but multiplying by 5000 will bring a supplemental symbol. By the way, valuable payments are given by two other trucks, so you can get a good victory at the price of 1000 coins. Agree that Highway Kings Pro is a very generous slot.

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This roulette version is based on the European Roulette Rules. I mean you will have a standard 37 pockets on the roulette wheel, including zero. When viewing the Dragon Jackpot Roulette rules, you will see that the roulette variant has normal internal and external bets. To facilitate betting, Playtech sets up a track on the desktop that allows you to bet any number of 1-5 neighbors. You can also choose Tier, Orphelins or Voisins Du Zero bets. These are the basic rules. For direct bets, the game pays a typical 35:1, and for even/odd or red/black bets, pays 1:1. Like all roulette games, the more chips you have, the smaller the amount you pay. All of this seems to be very standard, and it does.