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The goal of baccarat is to be as close as possible to 9, of which 9 is the highest card. Dealers, also known as casino administrators, initially only face two hands for the player and the bank, and in some cases require the table manager to process the third card. This has nothing to do with the number of players at a time, and can have up to 14 players.

The player bets the banker or player to reach the total number closest to 9 or draw. You only need to decide how you want to bet and how much you want to put. The natural 8 o'clock is called Le Petit, and the 9 o'clock nature is called le grande. If one of these totals is obtained with the first two cards, then le petit or le grande wins, the hand stands up and the round is over. With a card of the same value, there is a draw and the game is over.