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  • Buffalo Blitz

    ::introtext::Buffalo Blitz

    The Buffalo Blitz online video slot game from Playtech is a six-volume four-row slot game with 4,096 winning ways! Even if you only match two symbols, you will win! The theme of Buffalo Blitz is based on travel in the colder northern hemisphere rather than the tropics.

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  • Football Rules

    ::introtext::Football Rules

    Football rules are probably one of the most successful football-themed online games because it is so realistic and so close to the real spirit of real football. So let's get closer to this. Here you will see a machine that not only allows you to enjoy high quality and professional competitions with your favorite football players, but also to earn some wealth with possible winning combinations. This Playtech product also includes a bonus game mode, during which time, if the maximum bet, you will increase your sum several times!

    ::fulltext::Football Rules Football Rules Football Rules

    In this fantastic online free slot machine game, your passion for football can be reflected in you in the most successful way, because you will be able to make big money for your hobbies. Enjoy your game! good luck!