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  • African Wildlife

    ::introtext::African Wildlife

    Wild Life is all about the Free Spins Bonus feature, which is played when you get 3 or more African scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. 3 will provide you with 10 free spins and 4 free spins for 4 times. If you get 5, you will get 20 free spins.

    ::fulltext::African Wildlife African Wildlife

    The wild symbol is more important in this feature - again, it appears on the 3 intermediate reels (2, 3 and 4) and also expands to take over the entire reel. However, once the reel is wild, it remains locked for the duration of the feature! If you get them early, be prepared to make your own free spins with a total bet of 1,030 times the roaring victory.

  • Dragon Legend

    ::introtext::Dragon Legend

    The golden scales on the body slowly turn into gold and silver gold foil! When the sun shines on the pond, the whole pond will flash with beautiful golden light! There is also a legend in the temple that whenever a sacred lotus blooms on a pond, a koi, reaching its enlightenment, will become a dragon! Anyone who has the privilege of witnessing this occasion will be destined to receive blessings and receive a fortune reward!

    ::fulltext::Dragon Legend Dragon Legend Dragon Legend::/fulltext::
  • Grand Blue

    ::introtext::Grand Blue

    Here, you can visit the magnificent underwater world, and at the same time, you will be able to win great returns! The trough almost breathes the ocean fresh, just open it and you will feel it.

    ::fulltext::Grand Blue Grand Blue

    The quality of this online free slot is beyond everyone's expectations, as it seems that every resident in the depths of the water is actually watching you from the screen! These fascinating marine creatures know where underwater pearls are stored, and they will point to the real treasures of the ocean floor! Don't be afraid of them, they are friendly, they are here to help you find the treasure. Enjoy your underwater adventure!