The number of the ACE333

  • 561561562 Win amount
  • 65149518 Players
  • 981495198195 Jackpot
  • Fountain Of Youth

    Spring of Youth is a classic video slot with 3 reels and 3 paylines. Playtech dedicated this to youth and water, creating themed payment symbols such as butterflies, water lilies, birds, and of course the highest paid one - the fountain. Players can use the + and - buttons to select the preferred coin value before each rotation, or select the number of coins 1, 2 or 3 by clicking the Bet One or Bet Max buttons. This means that bets can start from £0.03 and eventually reach £15, a fairly small range, but keep in mind that any combination of 3 symbols is also paid.

  • Fruit Mania

    They did a lot of slot machines in their time, but this is one of their best retro interpretations. Players won't get a luxurious design here, they will only return to the basics, and the bright light attraction is enough to attract your curiosity. As for features, they are more limited than modern games, but they are equally beneficial. In fact, you can say that they are more fulfilling because of the age of the champion and how to deprive you of the experience at Fruit Mania.

  • Great Blue

    The great blue is my slot. This is the first game I added to Free Slots 24/7 inventory because it is my favorite game. But there is a warning: it has become a cult game, but it is extremely unstable. Only Playtech's Iron Man 2 slot can approach Great Blue in terms of volatility, so if you really put it in the real place, please respect it.