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  • Animal Paradise

    Animal Paradise

    Bet with your favourite animal and the animal you trust sure can win you a huge bonus jackpot!

  • Cai Shen 888

    Cai Shen 888

    There are two blue buttons that give you the chance to skip all the chaos and dig into the gritty authenticity of the slots, those that are the biggest bets and autoplay. An important note about the maximum bet switch is that it does not change the value of the coins you play, it only increases the number of coins you play.

  • Cai Yuan Guang Jin

    Cai Yuan Guang Jin

    When you return to the main game from the odds table, keep your fingers crossed and luck is at your side. You can pick up some of the prizes you just saw. At the top of the screen, you can see the typical oriental landscape, the peaks that stand out on the skyline. Just for a good measure, there are a few golden dragons that remind you that you are at another time and place.

  • Captain Treasure

    Captain Treasure

    Find the pirate and your golden road, as a wild symbol on this pirate ship, he is protecting the gold inside! In addition to the wild symbol, the captain of the pirate ship hides something else and rotates the reel into his treasure chest to win, because that is the wild symbol of the captain! With 39 winning combinations, this is a good old pirate stealing! I am actually looking for Captains Treasure, Ahoy Matey!