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  • Adventure Indian Myth

    Adventure Indian Myth

    If you play video slots often, you already know that they usually have a lot of features. Mythical online slot machines are no exception. As usual, the Wild symbol replaces all symbols except the Scatter symbol. The last one triggers the Free Spins Round, which includes 15 Free Spins and 3X Multiplier. You can win up to 60 free spins in this round. Scatter wins is multiplied by the defined total bet and then added to the win meter. All other wins are multiplied by each line bet. As you know, each selected line can only win the highest victory.

  • Animal Paradise

    Animal Paradise

    Bet with your favourite animal and the animal you trust sure can win you a huge bonus jackpot!

  • Belangkai


    Belangkai is based on the top of the four sides, each engraved with a different pattern. Name the king crab, flowers, fish and shrimp. This top speed spans a small disk. The player will bet on which side once they fall, and put the bet on the table accordingly. This is a very simple board game, but the result is very thrilling at the last second, so that every player has high expectations.

  • Bicycle Race

    Bicycle Race

    You are a cyclist competing for a large force, but it is not easy to go beyond the leader. You need bluffing skills and healthy luck. Can you surpass other drivers and reach the leader in time to win the victory?